Scientific Facts at the Moorings

Here’s another video from our gig at the Moorings last Friday. This time it’s Scientific Facts which will also be featured on our upcoming album “Paradigm Lost”.

Thanks to Shaun Young for the video.

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Old Tired Cold Bones at The Moorings.

Here’s a video of us performing Old Tired Cold Bones at last night’s show at The Moorings in Aberdeen. Cheers to everyone that came along, there was some fine dancing. Also thanks to Shaun Young for the video.

Next up it’s The Box in Glasgow on the 4th of July for a gig with Supa & Da Kryptonites

Then, on Friday the 11th of July, as an alternative to T in the Park we are playing a Twisted Circus show at the Mash House in Edinburgh with China Shop Bull and more. (If you’re from or near Perth you may want to check out this link for a bus and early copy of our upcoming album.)

And the next night (12th July) we’ll be off to The Venue in Methil to take part in T @ the Venue.

One place you should stop not being at and start being at (at least next Friday)


Next week (Friday 27th June) we’re back at The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen. It’s a cool place with an exceptional drink selection and discounts for pirates.

Plus we’re playing with Juicy Juicy Juice who sound like they will be quite refreshing, particularly with all this hot weather we’ve been having.

So stop not being there and start being there then.

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Moar Gigs!


Bar Room Crawl Moorings 15

This Friday we’ll be in Edinburgh at the Dodger with Astral Groove Collective.

If that’s not enough for you Edinburgh folk then we’ll be back the following Thursday (12th June) to do a late one at Whistlebinkies.

Then we’re back in Perth for a show looking to raise funds to help Supa & Da Kryptonites get to Colorado Hempfest. Those guys are really passionate about ropes and sails and stuff.

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