Bar Room Crawl Moorings 6

BRC are a fusion of funky slap bass, thorough guitar, malevolent keyboards, driving beats and sliding trombone, with a sinister undertone.

“They should be playing the main stage at festivals. The ideal festival band” Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio .

“They have a unique sound which I love” Aaron Phillips, Amazing Radio

“Unique and insanely infectious” Frankie, Heartland FM.

“Top Stuff – I’m loving this.. Now I have to go to bed humming this.” Neil Hargreaves, Sheffieldband.co.uk

One day a child was born and on this day the world did mourn. Growing up, he got it tight. He thought “One day, I’ll make it right.” When one day he was crying tears, so visited his friend whom he had known for ten years.

Together they schemed, plotted and planned and got the idea to create a band. Feeling pleased but quite destitute, he went looking for a cheap prostitute. Spotting one from behind, he politely coughed and did smile. She turned around, and to his dismay, it was a chap called Kyle. So he did haw and he did hum, until eventually asking, “Hey can you drum?” This may surprise you, can you guess? That’s right, the answer was a resounding yes.

Quite soon after, but sometime later, he was to be found filling a crater. when he jumped into the sea to touch the bottom, “Can I do it? I’m sure I could.” But near the bottom he came across a young man chopping wood. He asked himself “Who is this guy?” “My name is Sam.” came the reply. “Want to join a band? You’ll be a star!” “Yeah okay. I’ll play guitar.”

Critical was his role in an orphanage raid, but unhappy at not being paid, he saw a young boy hunched in the corner sitting in piss. “Please sir, help. My name is Chris.” “Don’t worry worry son, you’ll never be alone. Come with me, join my band and take this trombone.”

And so was formed the most inconvenient band of all. That’s right, you guessed it, they are Bar Room Crawl.

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